Mending The Parent-Child Relationship

Mending The Parent-Child Relationship

Mending The Parent-Child Relationship

Well, the title says everything for itself. There is a big chance that you ended up here because the parent-child relationship  you have with your kids are just a bit wavy and unstable. This is surely one very sad moment that any parent can feel for first of all, kids at this stage would not listen to you anymore right?

Losing the trust that your kid has to you can be heart breaking, but it does not mean that it cannot be healed. An article from gives us ways on how we can bring back the happy relationship we have with our kid. Furthermore, it gives us a brief on the things we can do.

Mending The Parent-Child Relationship


For younger children (all the way up to 10), play is the primary mechanism for the expression of feelings, communication, and solving emotional problems.

  • You can begin by setting aside some time each day (or as often as you can) to play with your child. The number of times per week will depend on your schedule as well as on the amount of repair that’s needed.
  • If the relationship is very strained, then try and play at least five times a week to start and back off as the relationship improves.


The kind of conversation we are talking about here is used to do several things:

  • promote expression of feelings;
  • facilitate self-exploration and identity building;
  • identify problems and solve conflicts; and
  • communicate interest, understanding and empathy.

Conversation is not just for teens, but can begin as early as your child learns to talk. The idea is to establish the habit of conversing in an open manner so that your children feel free to express their feelings and ideas to you as well as to feel that they can gain your support when a problem occurs.

Participation in Outside Activities

Such activities can continue to be one-on-one such as going out to eat together, taking in movies, engaging in singular sports like playing tennis or riding bikes, and so forth.

It is very important to remember to keep these tips in mind every time you mingle with your child. Try to make it a practice so that in time, your child will be both enjoying the fun and most importantly, your company. The parent-child relationship concept is very important, that is why if you feel that this relationship is breaking down then why not follow these tips to help you along the way.

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