Kids With Autism And Their Trust In Pediatricians

Kids With Autism And Their Trust In Pediatricians

Kids With Autism And Their Trust In Pediatricians

Most of the time we turn to our trusted pediatricians to take care of our little angels. Furthermore, parents with kids that have autism turn to these experts for advice and treatment.

However, there is a recent study as reflected in the article written by Jenifer Goodwin that kids with autism and their trust in pediatricians are dropping. Furthermore, many parents such as are having doubts if whether their pediatrician can still be trusted or not. Let us see what is wrong.

Kids With Autism And Their Trust In Pediatricians


Statement from Dr. Susan Levy - Regional Autism Center and the Center for Autism Research at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

“Most parents are not going to pediatricians with questions about treatments. They looked to them for referrals to specialists or to community resources, but they really weren’t going to them for guidance about what sort of treatments they should pursue.”

“Complementary and alternative medicine was an area pediatricians mentioned frequently as an area of discomfort. They knew they wanted to protect families from harm and figure out how to communicate risk and evidence”

Statement from Geraldine Dawson – Chief science officer for Autism Speaks

“This study validates what previous studies and parents have told us: Many pediatricians are not prepared to provide the kind of advice and information that parents need after receiving a diagnosis of autism for their child.”

The Parents Side

Parents, on the other hand, perceived pediatricians as frequently dismissive or negative toward alternative therapy, and so often didn’t bother to bring it up, the study showed.

Families also said pediatricians offered little support to them in dealing with the stress of autism, and that instead they turned to friends, family or other community resources.

So, in your own opinion what do you think is the problem? Maybe the pediatricians and the parents are just having some misunderstanding about this issue. Nonetheless, I hope our trust on pediatricians wont continue to decline for we can surely count on them if there is a problem that arises, all we need to do is have faith in them.

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