Getting The Connection Back With Your Defiant Teen

Getting The Connection Back With Your Defiant Teen

Getting The Connection Back With Your Defiant Teen

Teenage life can be though, it may not look like it, but teen aged life is one of the most sensitive parts of any child’s development. They are more prone to influences and following those, and sometimes it can never be stopped that these influences can be bad. As good parents, we try to discipline them and try our best to make them stay away from these.

However, there are times that teenagers teen to defy you – disobey you for that matter. Worse, you can lose the connection between your teenager. If that happens do not fret and blame yourself, your just doing what any good parent would do. An article written by Jeffrey Bernstein can help us get the connection back with our defiant teen.

Getting The Connection Back With Your Defiant Teen


Make caring eye contact.

When it comes to listening, your eyes count almost as much as your ears. You eyes are a very powerful cue to your child that shows you are interested.

Eliminate distractions.

When your child expresses a desire to talk or seems open to talking, support him by giving him your full focus. Put aside what you were doing, face your child, and give him your undivided attention.

Listen with an open heart and a closed mouth.

As tempting as it may be to jump in with your sage-like, unsolicited parental wisdom, it is best to try to keep the interruptions to a minimum while your child is speaking. Try not to let your own ego get in the way.

Let your child know she has been heard.

After your child has finished speaking, show that you listened by restating what she said, in slightly different words.

It is critical that you don’t criticize.

I am convinced that a big reason so many children respond with “fine” or “good” when asked how their day at school is because they are afraid of being criticized. Try to remember how criticism can be a turn off and try not to turn it on with your child or teen.

You can check the original article for examples on these tips – scenarios that will give you a better illustration on what you can do. Nonetheless, I hope this article has helped you get that connection back with your defiant teen. Just continue to be patient with them and love them, in the end everything you do for them will be worth it.


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